A 99 km de Trabzon y a 19 Çaykara miles between breathtaking mountains and idyllic surroundings is Uzungöl, a small village located around the small lake of the same name. A fascinating place to enjoy nature to the fullest. We will enjoy the wonderful views of the nearby hillsides, by springs which flow crystalline waters

A perfect place where we can enjoy the peace and tranquility prevailing in the place or trekking, Birdwatching, observe the great botanical variety of the area, visit 7 small lakes in the surrounding mountains. Tours can be arranged for any of the nearby mountain villages where daily life can appreciate the place, as Sekersu, Demirkapı the year Yaylaö.

Around UzungolAround Uzungol

Do not fail to walk through the village along the river and lake, even rent a canoe or skate for a good time. Contemplating the mosque, visit the small souvenir shops or tea or Turkish coffee in one of the terraces. If you have seen a very oprtunidad Walk between traditional village houses.Uzungöl

Mosque Uzungol

In the woods around there are plenty of wild animals like mountain goats, Deer, Wolves, jabalies,Bears, garduñas,tejones, Bobcats, coyotes, Foxes, rabbits, Squirrels, wild ducks,…UzungölHouses in Uzungol

On river and on lake trout found, turtles and ducks.

Apart from the many activities on offer in the village there is the possibility of doing a helicopter tour of some 15-20 minutes, flying over the spectacular area and try to spot any of the aforementioned wild animals. The price is 100 Tl per person.


Around Uzungol

UZUNGOL is also known for being one of the places most musical tradition. In the summer months concerts and different between 1-4 August is celebrated a festival in him participating musicians everywhere.

The town is full of small pensions, wooden bungalows and restaurants in the famous trout zone "Alabalik" is served and where we also taste the traditional dishes of the area. The most prominent are:

Nailing (muhlama): A type of cheese that is served in a hot pot, something like a Turkish fondue.

Cabbage çorbasI: A cabbage soup very spicy and tasty.

Kale stuffed with meat: Rolls cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and onion. Simply, delicious.

-The entire leaf area of ​​corn is hence the more yellow color having.

-For dessert is a must try Laz boregi, a filling of cream and syrup in a sort of pastry, is prepared only in the region.

The climate in the Black Sea region is really cold, so in the winter months usually found UZUNGOL usual completely snowed and the remainder of the overcast sky and rain. It is for this reason that the season opening of the small cottages and B is between April and September.

Suspension Bridge around UzungolBridge around ÜüngölUzungöl

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